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Published the : 1/15/2013, by Matthieu LINDEBOOM

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Switch for short-circuit tests of transformers

Design and manufacture of a 3-pole switch, 20 kA per pole, with motorization and lifting support - Frame.

Switch equipped with high intensity contacts AMC ETEC.
Room sealed at IP54.

Electrical Specifications

Rated current: 20 kA per pole = 60 kA total
Maximum Intensity: 2 In during 1 minute
Held in short-circuitng: 5 In during 1 seconde
Nominal voltage: 3000 Volts 50/60 Hz
Maximum voltage: 6000 Volt 50/60 Hz
Resistance of a pole from a contact to one other: < 10µ Ω at 20°C
Isolation voltage:
- Opened switch: >10kV
- Between poles under tension, device open: >10kV
- Live parts and mass: > 5kV

Photo sectionneur essai transformateur

Thermal characteristics

Nominal power dissipated of the switch: <2500W
Nominal heating under 60000A DC / Ambient Temperature: < 50°C
Acceptable maximum temperature: 180°C on the whole unit
Acceptable maximum temperature on contacts: 250°C

sectionneur essai transformateur

Mechanical features

General switch dimensions: approx. 1000 x 350 x 1500
Weight of the switch: approx. 400 kgs
Mechanical endurance: 10,000 cycles before checking and contacts adjustments
Mechanical position indicator.
Emergency manual operating system.
opening / closing system by pneumatic cylinder / pneumatic jack.
Opening or closing speed: <10 seconds.
Mechanism and stainless screws.
Aluminum connection pads.
maximum effort on connecting strip: 1000daN / Pole.

sectionneur essai transformateur 1ph

Control / command

Remote pneumatic control box connected to the switch via a 30m cable multi-tube furling / multi-tube on reel:
- Remote opening command
- Remote closing command
- Contact position "open"
- Contact position "closed"
- Air pressure gauge
- Pneumoélectrique interface "open" and "closed"
- Power terminal block.

sectionneur essai transformateur 3ph


Air supply to ensure the closing/opening operation in case of failure of power supplies.
The multi-tube cable is attached to the device by a safety cable to prevent tearing.
Operating ban in case of low pressure.
Electrical, mechanical and pneumatic position indicator.

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For the sake of excellence and competence at the service of its customers, AMC ETEC is certified ISO 9001 version 2008.

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