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Published the : 7/17/2012, by Matthieu LINDEBOOM

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Partnership ECOCONTACT: ERDF / AMC ETEC - A win-win partnership

FLASH INFO ERDF Côte d'Azur from July 9, 2012

Friday 6 July took place in local ERDF of Nice Brancolar the signing of an agreement of industrial and trade partnership between our company and ERDF-I on the one hand, and the Cannes PME AMCETEC on the other. A good example of cooperation in the service of a better customer satisfaction!

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AMCETEC, a very innovative company!

Led by Michel Pillet, this year PME of 20 employees is specialized in the field of electrical engineering and technical audits. Patented "Eco Contact" foam that allows to improve the resistance of the electrical connections of power contact to reduce overheating, and consequently the loss of electrical power. The use of "Eco Contact" on the transformater's connections helps to eliminate points heating, often responsible for significant losses, malfunctions and failures. It has been tested very convincingly by AMEPS Cote d'Azur on a transfo 70MVA of the Risso station in Nice.
Beyond the commercial aspect that provides the supply of foam "Eco Contact" in some stations HTB/HTA and HTA/BT, the partnership agreement with ERDF enrolled on an industrial plan, with including the identification by the distributor of any specific need in the distribution networks, and to AMCETEC the co development possible with ERDF of technological innovations in response to these needs.

Signature de partenariat ERDF - AMC ETEC

Side ERDFl, the objective is to better meet the needs of customers large accounts, developing integration skills, products and services of AMCETEC in the door leaf of ERDF-I offers its electro-intensifs customers.

"This partnership agreement with ERDF is great for our business." "Our employees are very proud of this collaboration," says Michel Pillet, Director of AMCETEC.

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For the sake of excellence and competence at the service of its customers, AMC ETEC is certified ISO 9001 version 2008.

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