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Published the : 5/4/2012, by Matthieu LINDEBOOM

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ECOCONTACT ® is a multi-component metal foam, it is the result of many years of research at CMA ETEC in partnership with EDF and research laboratories for industrial applications. After all these years of research and intensive development, innovation of ECOCONTACT ® has been validated by 4 international patents, (certified by ANVAR and labeled by CAPENERGIES).

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ECOCONTACT is suited for all materials in all ranges of voltage and temperature with a greater than 80% average gain and industrial contacts, copper/copper, copper aluminum, aluminum/aluminum, steel/copper, etc.

  • A very reliable product to optimize facilities electrical high intensity.
  • Lower costs through reduction of energy losses in the connections.
  • Improvement of the conductivity of the electrical connection even in extreme usage conditions.
  • Efficiency at high temperatures (up to 250 ° C).
  • An extension of the duration of life of the electrical connections.
  • A quick and easy installation.
  • Decreased risks during maintenance.
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A traditional maintenance disadvantages

-The traditional maintenance of electrical connections requires the judgment of the facility and a total dismantling of the aircraft, to practice a resurfacing of the contact areas.
It is a complex, expensive operation, and that can be dangerous.

-Traditional portable tools used for the resurfacing of the contact areas degraded macro geometry, reducing the areas of connection.
It underwent important thermal and electrical stresses. The poor distribution of the current caused by this phenomenon accentuates their degradation.

-The number of points of contact is not optimal, the distribution of the current does not evenly. Then there is a significant loss of energy.



The benefits with ECOCONTACT

-Foam ECOCONTACT ® leverages the points of contact between the two drivers and removes the current concentration areas, leading to a homogeneous distribution of the current across the surface of the contact. Thousands of micro points pierces the oxide layers creating micro welds.

-The establishment of the foam ECOCONTACT ® requires no special operation, cleaning is not necessary in the difficult places of access.
Simply open the connection of a few millimeters, drag the interface ECOCONTACT ® foam and tighten.

-With ECOCONTACT ®, an important ammelioration of the electrical conductance is found, especially in the case of a connection used and distorted without prior surfacing.


ECOCONTACT ® is supplied as plates cut laser at the size of each surface area of your installation, and is ready to install.

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