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AMC ETEC is a specialist design and manufacturing of customized electro-intensive to install the specific needs of its customers. Creation of guidance system support components and insulation. Design and manufacture of bus bars.

Published the : 5/7/2012, by Matthieu LINDEBOOM

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Jeu de Barres

Kit power Busbar

AMC ETEC is Busbar kit aluminum producer. Whatever your need, our experts can design your bus bar customized to meet your most demanding applications.

cao jeu de barres

Study and realization of Busbar in aluminium or copper high energy performance.
Standardised manufacturing segments adapted to facilitate the transportation and installation.
Manufacturing on complementary circuits measure for adaptation to the client circuit

Bus Bar provided with a complete installation manual and installation supervision by our technicians remotely or on site.

Connections of Busbar optimized with ECOCONTACT ® foam.
Possibility of integrating the disconnectors or inverters between different segments to perfectly adapt to the clients needs.
Study and manufacture of support and maintenance in insulation system.

equerre jeu de barres
Key words : Busbar, ecocontact

For the sake of excellence and competence at the service of its customers, AMC ETEC is certified ISO 9001 version 2008.

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